Supply Management

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Adjust Consulting: Committed to making the difference

A huge dedication for procurement: this applies to the consultants of Adjust. Since the foundation of Adjust in 2003, we have been committed to maximizing the results of the client. Adjusters represent: a no nonsense approach, category expertise, cost reduction, improvement of achievements, legal knowledge and strategy development. Proven outcomes can be found at governmental institutions and industries. Central to our approach is working together. Together with you, we will achieve the maximum result!

Adjust distinguishes herself by:

  • A no nonsense attitude
  • Profound procurement knowledge
  • Endured experience
  • Proven processes and advanced tools
  • No cure, no pay


Cornel van Gelderen, supply chain manager DuynieBeuker

Adjust went the extra mile to realize the best possible results and used sophisticated technology that helps to optimize combinations between lanes and subcontractors with as a result a major saving.

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